Much like German cars, kitchen appliances and even footballers, you will find the same precision and attention to detail in all modern German kitchens.

Today, German kitchen styles are incredibly compact, ergonomic and go into great attention to detail which is why German kitchens have been so dominant in the market for decades.

Are you looking for a new German kitchen? What makes German kitchens so popular in the UK? Well maybe this little handy guide will answer your questions as we present 4 reasons why you should choose a German Kitchen by Kitchenality.

  1. Germany have been manufacturing kitchens for many, many years. With some German kitchen brands dating back to the late 19th century, Germany have been perfecting and manufacturing the artform of kitchen design with exporting to other European countries dating back to the 1950’s. Fun Fact – Rempp Kitchens were founded in 1930.
  2. German Kitchens are created by family businesses spanning generations. Many of the German kitchen brands are family-operated and passed down generation after generation. This means they are very stable and their product knowledge is often second to none.
  3. German Kitchens are the stamp of authenticity. Strong, hardwearing & durable with precision engineering, this is what many German kitchen brands are known for. Fun Fact – even the Popes kitchen is German!
  4. The market and production volumes are very high in Germany, it is a huge market. This provides good competition in prices bringing in strong revenues, which leads to investments in production and further research. This then results in advancements in products.

Are you looking for the perfect German Kitchen?

Based in our Cheshire kitchen showroom, Kitchenality display Rempp Kitchens with kitchen design, supply, project management and installation services. From concept to completion, Kitchenality can offer the full German kitchen package.

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