Kitchenality Kitchen Designers State of Art Rempp DesignsDid you know the average person spends 253 minutes in the kitchen cooking every week?

Let’s face it, the kitchen is the foundation of any home. It’s where most of us spend a lot of time cooking, dining, entertaining, socialising and even working during the week, so it’s no surprise it’s the first room homeowners will often renovate first.

According to a kitchen trends study conducted by Houzz, in 2018 the most popular reason to renovate their kitchen was due to 40% of customers wanting to renovate their kitchen first after purchasing their home. Other reasons includes 29% of customers can no longer stand the kitchen and a further 25% said the kitchen had deteriorated or broken.

So why do homeowners turn to Kitchen Designers? Well statistics prove that of the 4976 homeowners who took part in the survey, 45% confirmed they hired professional kitchen designers. As the industry continues to evolve and change, homeowners have almost unlimited freedom to choose from. With styles such as contemporary, traditional and transitional combined with worktop and flooring materials, every kitchen will be unique so why should you choose Kitchenality as your kitchen designers? Here’s 6 reasons why…

6 reasons why you need Kitchenality as your kitchen designers

  1. Upgrade your existing kitchen with quality craftsmanship and precision engineering
  2. State of the art design with CAD and visuals – enabling you to see how your kitchen would look in situ
  3. Professional step by step service – you are never left to get on with it, Kitchenality are with you from concept to final completion
  4. Inspirational ideas, thinking outside the box and looking at your project through fresh eyes
  5. Personal touch that will leave a lasting impression
  6. Kitchenality are a one-stop shop! Based in Arighi Bianchi, they also offer flooring solutions and all other areas of your home furnishings.

For more information on any of our eco-friendly packaging products, please contact our sales department.

Kitchenality are specialist kitchen designers who specialises in the design, installation and craftsmanship of Rempp kicthens. To get started planning your dream designer kitchen today, contact Kitchenality today!

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