A dream kitchen tailored to your needs is the specialty of Kitchenality!  It is the one room in the house that is used all day everyday. This means that it is essential to get the design right.

A Vast Space

The trend now and going forward into 2021 is to have a vast space.  The challenge is to know how to fill that space to make it into a room that everyone is drawn to.  Professional designers can meet that challenge to ensure that it does not become a space that feels empty and unloved.

Segmented Areas

One design trick is to segment the areas.  This zoning leads to a well organised space. Not only is the kitchen divided into work area, dining and sitting space but there can also be small rooms.  A flower room for instance, or a boot room or even a butler’s pantry can lead from the kitchen. These small spaces allow the kitchen to have minimum cabinetry and free the walls for different kinds of aesthetics.  Open shelving for example, or art and object d’arts for display. The kitchen then becomes a neater, cleaner more design-orientated space.

The Butler’s Pantry

The butler’s pantry deserves a special mention as it is making something of a comeback. In large homes of the past there was always a butler’s pantry sometimes called a scullery.  A butler’s pantry is a service room often between the dining room and kitchen to store kitchen equipment.  This includes dinner services, the family silver, cutlery and glassware. In addition, linens, candles and quite often a sink. It is a room to house the ‘messy’ items so that the main kitchen can be kept free of clutter for easy entertaining.

Dream Kitchen Islands

Your dream kitchen may include not one but two islands. One island could be designated to entertaining and the other for cooking and cleaning.  Two islands are a sociable way to interact with family and friends and to keep the mess out of sight.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

We would love to help you create a dream kitchen tailored to your needs.  You can book here for a virtual or showroom consultation.