Break Out of the Kitchen Triangle Layout – Create Zones

Break out of the kitchen triangle layout and create zones in your kitchen. This will better meet the complex and varied demands of the modern kitchen.

The Triangle

The traditional triangle layout was developed in the 1940’s. The oven, fridge and sink were arranged in a triangle shape. The primary concern was to increase safety and efficiency within the kitchen and the design has stood the test of time. It has worked well. However, modern kitchens have developed from places to cook and clean up, into multi-functional spaces. Family dynamics, nowadays, require kitchens to be simultaneously functional work zones, yet stylish, entertainment spaces.


Zones are areas within the overall layout designated for tasks. The obvious jobs of preparation, cooking and cleaning may need to be extended. New zones may include, a drinks-making area, a cossetted corner for reading, a place to study, a play area, or anything else to meet your personal needs.

The purpose of the zone is to make best use of the space available and increase the efficiency and flow of the kitchen.

The Preparation Zone

The preparation zone should include a work-surface for peeling, chopping and everyday tasks such as sandwich making. There should be easy access to the food cupboard, fridge, sink and waste bin.

The Cook Zone

Ideally, this will be adjacent to or opposite the prep zone. It will typically include the oven, steam oven, microwave, hob and extractor fan. In order to maximise on safety, a good design will include work-surface either side of the cooking appliances.  This will avoid carrying hot, heavy pans too far.

Serving Zone

An area for placing warm plates and serving food to the breakfast bar or dining table is valuable space. Because of this it is easy to keep an organised and tidy kitchen.

The Wash Zone

If space permits the wash zone will be separate from the prep and cook zone. It will include the sink and dishwasher and accessibility to the bin. In addition, storage cupboards above or adjacent will make putting away the crockery a breeze.

Additional Zones

If you want to keep an area for making drinks, that is away from the main work zone, it is easy to plan at early design stages. Alternatively, a keen baker might want a designated cool area for rolling out pastry.

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