Enhancing Home Functionality: A Transformation Journey with Kitchenality

When envisioning a home, the initial allure might fade as practical challenges arise over time. This case study delves into the transformation journey of a Kitchenality clients barn conversion. The homeowners, residing in the converted barn for 17 years, sought to re-imagine their space due to layout constraints and a desire for a more modern ambience. Facing compartmentalised rooms and oppressive dark tones, they embarked on a renovation journey to revitalise their living space.

Project Summary

The homeowners, initially captivated by the barn’s rustic charm, encountered functional hurdles within their living space. The decision to initiate renovations stemmed from a desire for better flow and modernisation. Over a decade, the gradual process of ‘lightening up’ the interiors preceded a pivotal moment when they pursued an extension to address the layout issues. Engaging with Kitchenality, a highly regarded local kitchen design firm, marked a turning point in their renovation journey.

We asked our client…

How long have you been living in your house?

We have lived here for 17 years. We were the first buyers to a newly converted barn. We were initially attracted by the ‘barn feel’ – but over the years we realised that the layout was just not working for us (all the rooms were compartmentalised – its long and narrow and the kitchen was at the opposite end of the barn to my son’s playroom – the flow between the rooms was stunted). As well as the poor layout, all the doors and skirting boards had been stained dark brown and what was quite quirky to start with soon became quite oppressive.

When did you feel it needed work doing / when did you actually decide to get started?

We first started ‘lightening up’ the woodwork around 10 years ago painting everywhere white and also changed the original kitchen from a shiny black finish to matt white, but kept the original footprint which very compromised. The flow between the rooms though did not change. Around 5 years later we decided that an extension might solve our problems. We then spent a further 2 years agreeing a sympathetic extension which would pass planning laws.

What made you approach Kitchenality?

Once we got approval for the extension, we were then galvanised to really modernise our home. I had fallen out of love with the house and really wanted to move. We decided though that a modern German kitchen would look great in an old barn. It was my neighbour who brought me back a Kitchenality brochure in a visit to Arighi and a week later we visited Tracy.

How did Tracy help in terms of overall space planning?

Tracy was very proactive in coming out to visit our home. We had taken walls down in between the rooms so opening up the overall space, but we were still thinking that the kitchen would be in the extension. When Tracy saw the space, she said immediately that switching the lounge for the kitchen would work better. We haven’t looked back since.

Were there occasions during the design process that you were challenged or pleasantly surprised?

The showroom really showcased what could be done in a kitchen – but sometimes choice can be overwhelming. Tracy asked us what key features we wanted and she took the design process from there. We were presented with a first draft a week later and were immediately blown away. With a few tweaks, and the addition of a pantry cupboard by using our utility room as backup storage for a tall freezer and small fridge, we landed on a design my husband and I were happy with.

What design decisions do you feel were particularly successful?

I love my pantry cupboard. It hides away the coffee machine and toaster and allows us to keep the clean lines in the kitchen that we were looking for.

Once the time came, how did you find the installation process?

The installation process couldn’t have been smoother. We were given an installation time frame which was kept to. Ian was meticulous and mm perfect. He was on time, his work area clean and he was always tidy. Tracy organised a temporary hob whilst we waited for the vagaries of the worldwide supply chain to finally deliver our own sleek hob. That’s fab too!

Now that the kitchen and the refurbishment is completed, do you feel differently about the space, do you feel differently about your home?

The kitchen is now the hub of our home. We use the space in many different ways as we have now zoned the space to work for our family and our guests when we entertain. It is spacious, super functional and looks just amazing. We spend a lot of time here in our new kitchen / dining space.

Is there anything you feel you would have done differently?

Not a thing. It’s just perfect as it is. We feel very proud to live here and very fortunate to have met Tracy and her team. I could not recommend Kitchenality highly enough.


In retrospect, the collaboration with Kitchenality proved transformative. Tracy’s keen eye for spatial utilisation and design acumen reshaped the homeowners’ perception of their residence. The transition from a compartmentalised setup to a fluid, functional space brought newfound joy and pride. The successful execution of the project, from Tracy’s innovative space planning to Ian’s meticulous installation, culminated in a kitchen that now stands as the heart of their home.

The homeowners’ testimonial resonates with contentment and gratitude, emphasising the seamless installation process and the elevated functionality and aesthetics of their revitalised space. Their experience serves as a testament to Kitchenality’s expertise and dedication, leaving a lasting impact on their daily lives within the revamped, contemporary living environment.

In essence, this case study highlights not only the transformative power of thoughtful design but also the invaluable role of expert guidance in re-imagining living spaces, ultimately rekindling the homeowners’ love and pride in their cherished abode.