Cooking, for the unpredictable English summer, can be a challenge. But the Siemens inductionHob can make it easy and impressive. A griddle plate and Teppanyaki tray are simple to use on this smart hob. The airInduction hob allows flexible cooking zones.  Small zones can be combined to create a larger one for a griddle plate or Teppanyaki tray.  It is on display within the Kitchenality showroom on the first floor of Arighi Bianchi furniture store. Pop into the store to see for yourself!

Griddle Cooking

The griddle pan is a very easy method of cooking.  Unlike charcoal grilling which takes time and skill to master, griddle cooking is a breeze.  Even better, it turns a bland vegetable or dreary slice of meat into a smoky charred delicious bite. Additionally, a griddle pan gives the cook more space to flip pancakes or burgers without the confines of sides like the traditional frying pan. Although, often associated with breakfast cooking on a griddle has endless options, anything from French toast to Mexican food.

Teppanyaki Cooking

Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking using thinly sliced beef or chicken, crunchy vegetables such as shredded cabbage and beansprouts, and succulent prawns, rice or noodles.  Freshly cooked food that sizzles and releases spicy aromas is a sure way to make family and friends gather. The tray, a flat surface which sits on top of the hob, is easy to transport straight to the table.  If the sun is shining this kind of meal is great outdoors.  But if the rain clouds hover, Teppanyaki is easy to share whilst standing around the kitchen island.

Both methods are great cooking for the unpredictable English summer. Take the food to a table in or outdoors with ease.

Summer Drinks

Of course, it’s crucial to provide suitable drinks to quench parched throats and keep the conversation going.  There’s nothing like a cocktail chinking with ice to create the true sense of summer and sunshine. Whether it is a pomegranate punch to hydrate or a cool Sea Breeze with a hit of vodka, cocktails never fail to impress. Indoors or out they will raise a gathering to a party.

Kitchen Design Consultants

Kitchenality are professional kitchen design consultants.  We welcome you to the showroom to browse or discuss your kitchen dreams.