Corian Countertops – Pros and Cons

Corian countertops – the pros and cons discussed by Kitchenality.

Simple, sleek and seamless – Corian is a popular choice for our clients.  Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions to help you decide if it is the perfect fit for your kitchen.

What is Corian?

Corian is a man-made solid surface composing of binding resins, minerals, dyes and fillers. At Kitchenality we use Corian in many of our projects.  Visit Our Work to take a look at various styles of kitchens featuring Corian countertops.


The main advantage is that Corian is non-porous and therefore, stain-resistant. Also it can withstand temperatures of up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit but Kitchenality recommend that you use a trivet for hot pans to prevent warping. In addition, Corian is flexible so can be molded into limitless shapes.  For instance, a Corian sink can be under-mounted and set with groves for drainage.  This creates a seamless, single flow from work-surface to sink. It gives a clean, sophisticated look that complements contemporary kitchens.


It is often said that Corian is seamless.  This isn’t absolutely correct, however.  Corian countertops have joins but the joins can’t be seen. The epoxy used is colour matched to the corian.  The seam is then sanded to leave a smooth finish, invisible to the eye.  The result is a flawless countertop.

Corian Care

The unblemished surface is another advantage because cleaning Corian is a breeze. Dirt won’t get trapped in the seams because there aren’t any.  A simple solution of warm water and soap will keep bacteria at bay. You can also use commercial cleaners but avoid window cleaners as they build up a residue.  This results in Corian losing its shine. You  can use a non-scratch pad or diluted bleach to buff away stubborn marks.  Maintenance in this way, will help to keep your Corian shiny and sleek for longer.

Minor scratches can be sanded away.  For deeper indents, Corian can be coated with another layer of sealant.  This will bring the countertop back to good as new.


There is an endless choice of Corian colours in a variety of textures and patterns that emulate stone.  Colours range from sparkling white to elephant grey and to the depths of deep night sky.  Above all, you will have no problem finding the perfect hue to complement your kitchen.

Advice and Consultation

You can contact Kitchenality at Arighi Bianchi in Macclesfield for a no-obligation kitchen design consultation.  The team will happily discuss your kitchen dreams. Further they will advise you on whether a Corian countertop is the best choice for your kitchen.

Call into the showroom or telephone for an appointment on 01652 662772.