Create a butler’s pantry to die for with the help of Kitchenality designers.  Would you love to have a small area to store the bulky appliances and keep the clutter hidden? Read on for tips and advice.


In grand eighteen century houses , the butler’s pantry was a small room in-between the kitchen and dining room.  It was run by the servants and  used as a convenient way to store serve ware and bar ware ready for the dining room. Often, it contained a sink and open shelves for easy access. This space kept the main kitchen free for cooking.

Modern Open Plan Kitchens

Currently, there is a focus on open plan kitchens incorporating kitchen, living and dining areas. In a space that is large enough to divide, it is a good idea to create a space for a second, min-kitchen.  This concept has led to resurgence of the butler’s pantry.  The main advantage is that it can be used for extra storage but additionally, hide washing up and clutter. This allows a high traffic kitchen to be a free space and to run smoothly.

How to Create a Butler’s Pantry to Die For

The most essential items of a butler’s pantry is good storage.  Storage could be large cabinets to house bulky kitchen equipment.  Alternatively, open shelves for easy access to the most used appliances. Add a sink and dishwasher if possible.

A window giving natural light is a big bonus for both light and ventilation.  However, butler’s pantries are often closed in spaces.  In this case ensure that there is excellent task lighting.  Finally, a long countertop is ideal for food and serving preparation.

Either build a pocket door if the space leads from the dining room.  Alternatively, hide the countertop and storage from view to keep it tucked away.

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