Design secrets for a large kitchen to help it feel homely.


In a large kitchen the first step is to create well-defined zones. Generally, there are three areas within a large open-plan kitchen:  the working area, dining and seating. Create zones in different ways such as:

  • change the floor level. This is a natural division and will immediately indicate a change from one area to another, especially if a different floor surface is chosen.
  • use decorating techniques such as a coordinating paint colour on the walls.  This could be subtle with a simple deepening of shade. Alternatively, use a complimentary colour to give punch.  Another technique would be to use wallpaper in the seating area to add a layer of texture and warmth.
  • light.  Multiple light sources should be chosen with care to suit their application.  Directional spots on dimmers for the work area are an obvious choice.  Attention-grabbing or colourful pendants for over the island  add drama and intrigue. Finally, table or standard lamps in seating areas for atmosphere.

Decorate a Bare Wall

A large bare wall will make your space feel unloved and unfinished.  Avoid the cliché oversized clock or big letters that spell ‘EAT’.  Instead be brave and decorate it with your own style. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hang a large single piece of art that will be immediately eye-catching.  This could be anything from a canvas you have painted yourself, an exotic rug from Turkey or a prized piece from a coveted collection.
  • Frame a collection of family photographs and create a fun collage
  • Use a low cabinet that blends with the kitchen units and hang shelves above.  Display your antique cake-stands, ornaments that coordinate with your colour scheme; vases; cookery books or anything else that you want to show off.

These objects tell a story and will start a conversation. Interest and personality will shine through.

Kitchen Advice

Overall a large kitchen needs cohesion and good planning to feel both spacious yet homely. For further design secrets for a large kitchen or other kitchen advice we offer a free design consultation.  This can be done virtually or in the showroom within Arighi Bianchi.  Please fill in the Contact Form or telephone for an appointment.  We welcome all enquires.