Design secrets to an easy to clean kitchen are one of the principles we bear in mind at Kitchenality. The kitchen tends to be the room that requires most cleaning. Wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy your space rather than polishing and scrubbing impractical appliances?   Find out how to have a low maintenance kitchen with our expert tips below.

Easy-Clean Appliances

We advise choosing a flush-fitting induction hob. The flat surface makes it fuss-free, easy to wipe without a fancy lotion and is safe.

Look for an oven without numerous knobs that are too close together. We recommend streamlined models that have surfaces which are easy to wipe down. Avoid ovens that have several knobs close together.  This makes it difficult to get a cloth in-between.


We recommend choosing an oven with pyrolytic cleaning.  Let the oven do the cleaning! Is there a worse job than scrubbing off burn-on food? Additionally, avoid those toxic oven-cleaner sprays!  The pyrolytic oven super-heats the oven and burns off food residue so all you have to do is wipe it away. How easy is that?

If you are using a steam oven choose one with an automatic steam-clean/dry programme.

Let the machines do the work for you!

Mirrored Splashback

Mirrored splashbacks are a popular choice for our clients. Not only do they reflect light and space back into the room but they are also a breeze to clean.  A special coating makes them resilient to fingermarks and splashes.  This makes them an ideal choice for an easy-clean splashback.

Smart Worktops

Worktops such as quartz, corian or laminate are resistant to stains as they are non-porous. Even better – they are easy to wipe clean, especially if they are seamless. This prevents food being trapped in grooves.

Bin Position

Your bin should be built under the sink. This ensures minimum distance between sink and waste and therefore, avoids spills.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

Book in for a free kitchen design consultation virtually or in the showroom.  We offer advice on not only easy-maintenance but how to make the best use of your space and create the kitchen of your dreams.  Visit us at Arighi Bianchi Furniture Store, Macclesfield.