Galley Kitchen Design Tips By Kitchenality

Named after the diminutive ship’s kitchen, the classic galley kitchen has one single row of units.  A double row of units on opposite walls is known as a double galley. In this article, join Kitchenality as we take a closer look at galley kitchen design and offer some great design tips. Let’s get started…


This layout, sometimes named the corridor kitchen, works well in narrow rooms. If you prefer extra living space, you can even convert a corridor into a kitchen. In addition, it can be a popular choice for open plan spaces where the kitchen units face an island.

The galley kitchen can be practical and efficient if planned well as there is easy access to all areas.  Tracy Mackey, of Kitchenality, with 35 years of experience in the kitchen design industry, will consider all aspects of the design with exacting detail.

Galley Kitchen Design

In the classic galley kitchen design, separate the cooking zone from the wet area. Place the sink in the middle with the fridge and oven on either side.  If possible, leave 1.2m of worktop between appliances.

In the double galley kitchen, the efficient triangular design can be incorporated with the fridge on one wall and oven and sink on the other.  Ensure they are not directly opposite, but close enough and that there is at least 1.2m of floorspace in-between the units.

Tips and Tricks

Tall units may accentuate the narrow space but can provide fabulous storage.  Your designer will be able to judge whether a tall unit would be a viable option.

The over-use of wall units could make the space feel cramped.  To avoid this, mix the finishes with glazing, open shelves and clever under-mounted lighting.  The kitchen will then be able to house adequate storage without feeling hemmed in.

Keep the space light and airy with a pale colour scheme.  Use a darker shade of the same hue on the shorter walls to make the room feel wider. You could also try a paint with light reflecting particles to bounce the light around the room and trick the eye into seeing the room as brighter and airier.

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