‘Made in Germany’ has the hallmark of good quality. Rempp kitchens are a fine example of German manufacturing at its finest.

Germans are renowned for their engineering prowess and innovations are often driven from a technological viewpoint rather than design. Small family run companies with similar values to Rempp frequently produce the essential components from appliances to accessories.

Functionality is vital in any kitchen – how easily do the doors and drawers open? What is the longevity? The German kitchen company Rempp use a higher quality mechanism allowing drawer boxes to take loads up to 70kg. The wall unit lift-up mechanism is functional and robust and can stand up to constant use within a busy kitchen workplace.

The precision of a German manufactured kitchen shines through. There is reliability at every stage from order, production, execution and service to deliveries. Quality control is another bonus within the German industry ensuring all products delivered are of the highest-level matching client expectations.

There is a vast choice of finishes available using different textures and colours within Rempp ranges. This has wide appeal and can be adapted to different styles of kitchens.

German Kitchen - Hallmark of Quality

German Kitchens – The pioneers of kitchen design

The Germans have a long history of kitchen design and this has given them time to evolve and get everything right. Founded in the era of Bauhaus this movement was characterised by economy, simplicity and mass production.

The Frankfurt kitchen created by Margarete Schutte-Lihotzky in the 1920’s was a milestone in the development of the modern fitted kitchen. This model of unified cabinetry rather than freestanding pieces increased the efficiency of the kitchen and could be built more economically as cabinets could be mass produced. This archetype has been much developed and become a fundamental part of contemporary design.

German kitchens can be futuristic. This has great appeal and is driven by the technological innovations Germans are renowned for. Styles are pared back and functional with a view to longevity and efficiency rather than decorating trends and there is a great emphasis on precision and attention to detail. For these qualities and all the above advantages, the German Rempp kitchen is the choice of Kitchenality, go-to kitchen designers in Cheshire.

German Kitchen by Kitchenality

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