Granite worktops are luxurious and solid. Traditionally granite has been a popular choice for clients and its’ acclaim continues today for both classic and contemporary styles.

What is Granite?

Granite is 100% natural stone quarried from all over the world. It is cut in its’ natural state, smoothed and polished.


Granite is elegant and gives a sense of grandeur to any room. It is a natural product and therefore each piece is unique. In addition, it is hard-wearing and will last many years to come. Although the initial cost can be more expensive than other worktops its’ durability means that it will be good value for money in the long run.

It is resistant to heat and therefore good to position near a hob. Kitchenality, however, recommend using a trivet beneath hot saucepans to prevent scorch marks.

Granite is hygienic and easy to clean with warm water and a light detergent. Once granite is well sealed it repels stains well.


Granite can chip or crack if a heavy object falls on it and it is difficult to repair. However, imperfections can add to the character of a natural product.

Granite is heavy and because of this the base units must be solid enough to take the weight.

It also requires maintenance. The sealing process is the most important to protect from stains.

Pattern isn’t uniform. It doesn’t have the consistency of a man-made product. If consistency is important for the overall scheme it may be wise to choose another type of work surface.


In its’ natural state, granite is porous and therefore, will absorb liquids and oils. It is very difficult to remove such stains. In addition, bacteria can harbour. Because of this, granite worktops must be sealed upon installation and resealed regularly. The seal can sometimes last up to ten years but other times it needs to be done annually.  Kitchenality will happily advise accordingly.

Colour and Pattern

Granite comes in many colours and patterns. Therefore, it is easy to find the perfect one to coordinate with your kitchen furniture.

Granite is a superior natural product with an inherent rich beauty. Its’ innate imperfections in pattern or colour, adds to the charm.

Advice and Consultation

It can be a challenge to choose the right worktop as there is such a vast array. Kitchenality in Macclesfield, will advise on the best choice for your lifestyle, taste and budget.

You can discuss work surfaces or get advice on other kitchen design matters.

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