How a Kitchen Functions

It is easy to overlook how a kitchen functions. Sometimes the focus of kitchen design is in the appearance rather than how a kitchen works in practice. At Kitchenality we understand the importance of functionality and pay attention to all aspects of kitchen design not just its’ looks.

Lockdown has forced us all to cook more at home. Some of us will have bought trendy new gadgets to expand our culinary repertoire. These gadgets may have helped us to create immune-boosting meals more easily and stay healthy.  But more time in the kitchen may have shown some of the inadequacies of our kitchen layouts and spurred a desire for a more efficient space.  See our work here.

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Here are three simple ways to make your kitchen more efficient.

Corner Carousel

Everyone needs good kitchen storage. The corner carousel with non-slip lining by Rempp is a perfect solution.  It can carry anything from storage jars and groceries to those new gadgets. In addition, it can be fitted into either a base or full height unit.  It is perfect for space saving as it gives easy access to what would otherwise be an awkward corner.

Drawer Units

The way your drawer is organised makes a big difference to functionality.  You can customise your internal drawer to house anything from spices to chef’s knives. Drawers can be shallow or deep.


Recycling has become the new norm.  It is vital to separate our waste to conserve the world’s resources. If your recycling systems are inadequate and you want a more hygienic solution, Kitchenality have several options, for example, the multi-system Bio by Rempp.

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