How a Well-Planned Kitchen Can Increase Happiness

A well-planned kitchen can increase happiness in ways you may not have imagined. The kitchen is the focal point of most modern homes, a shared area for family and friends. In addition, a good design reflects the personality of the occupants. When this is the case, and the kitchen functions well to support its’ people and its’ purpose, it emanates a sense of harmony. This infiltrates into the rest of the home and more importantly, into the guests who spend time there.

Furthermore, when you spend time in a room you love, you will feel better. That will make you happier.

The Role of Our Surroundings

The impact of our surroundings should not be under-estimated. Surroundings influence our mood, emotional state of mind and general sense of well being. Good design – when the proportion, colours and flow of the kitchen are in sync – helps occupants to connect with themselves. Connection with yourself, your own tastes and needs leads to more self-awareness and a deeper sense of truth. At Kitchenality we spend time at the very early design stage to listen to your needs and tastes. Designs are bespoke. Your individual requirements are at the forefront every step of the way.

A primary need for everyone is shelter. A place of refuge gives security. Kitchens help to fulfill that need. They can be small spaces which give enclosure and intimacy. Alternatively, they can be large open-plan spaces where there is greater connection to others and even the outside world.

Connection is another basic human need. A well thought through kitchen helps occupants not only to connect with themselves but also with the other people within the household. This can lead to better communication, closer bonds and this also increases a general feeling of happiness.

Time Saving

Time is a golden commodity. How often do you hear people say, ‘I don’t have enough time’? Precious moments can be saved if the kitchen is well organised and neat. Proportion and flow are essential to getting the layout right. When utensils and equipment are easily accessible, and hazards are at a minimum, it will save time. Rather than spending time on chores there will be more time for relaxation. There will be greater freedom to do the things you enjoy.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

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