The inductionAir hob by Siemens is a combination of precise cooking power with an ultimate extractor in one sleek unit. Its’ unique features give an unparalleled cooking experience.

Kitchenality, within Arighi Bianchi in Macclesfield have an inductionAir hob on display.  Call in to see it and read on for special features:


Pots and pans come in all shapes and sizes. flexInduction has flexible cooking zones. This enables you to control the hob to suit your needs. Smaller cooking zones can be combined to create one large zone for use with a griddle plate or Tappan Yaki tray. Your cooking creativity will know no bounds!

powerMove Plus

powerMove Plus does what it says – as you move the pot along the flex zone the power level changes automatically. This intuitive control takes your cooking to a new level of ease.

cooking Sensor Plus

This is an intelligent system that gives precise temperature control. It is perfect for everything from infusing and stewing to thawing food and will never let the milk over-boil.

The cooking Sensor Plus is a wireless sensor attached to a ring and glued to the cooking pot. This sends information to the hob and activates the cookingSensor.

fryingSensor Plus

Once the desired temperature has been reached sensors inside the hob regulate it with high precision. This ensures perfect frying for everything from fried potatoes to rare steaks.

climateControl Sensor

The extractor is set within the hob and extraction of steam and odours is automatically controlled. The sensor detects the level of steam and odours and adjusts the motor level accordingly. In addition, it turns off automatically when it is no longer required.

The inductionAir hob is an intelligent combination of design and performance. Maximise your kitchen design by integrating a powerful extractor into the hob and dispense with the need for an extractor hood.

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