Key considerations before planning a new kitchen are vital to get the best result.  Our professional designers will discuss these with you before creating a design.  This will save time for both customer and designer and the kitchen will then reflect a customer’s asperations.


It is important to be open and honest about how much money a customer wants to spend.  Without this understanding a designer could spend a lot of time looking at products that do not fit the brief. Frustration and disappointment are likely to result and this could lead to a lack of trust. Therefore, from the outset, it is vital to set the financial parameters.

What Problems Would You Like to Solve?

Often, a customer will arrive at a consultation and describe a  particular problem.  This could be, for instance, the shape of room, access to the kitchen from another part of the house or lack of light.  Once our designer knows the issue she can keep it at the forefront of her mind and ensure that the plan takes it into account. Consequently, it is one of our initial questions during first consultation.

What do You Want From a Designer?

At Kitchenality we offer a full project management service.  We provide all contractors from electricians to fitters and plumbers.  Additionally, we give an aftercare service to ensure every aspect of the job has been conducted to our exacting standards.  However, some customers prefer to use their own contractors.  We are happy to accommodate this and will work with you in a way that suits your needs.

Are There Disagreements Between Couples?

Couples will sometimes disagree about a certain aspect of  the kitchen design.  It is important for the designer to establish this early in order to resolve such issues.

Kitchenality Consultation

It will add value to your home to have a well-designed kitchen that is both well-planned and well-loved. Book a free consultation online or in our showroom. Our professional designers would love to help you.