Kitchen Colour Trends 2020

Kitchen colour trends 2020 are set to be an extension of last year. However, there will be more muted moodiness in hues of blues or greens. Also, luxurious dark colours like black, rich brown, bronze and coppers in shimmering finishes remain on trend. In addition, a mix of wood grains will be popular.

Blend and Contrast

The overall theme will be to blend and contrast colours within the kitchen cabinetry rather than design schemes of one solid colour. Contrast of colour will not simply be an alternative hue on the wall but contrasts will be within the furniture itself. Warm tones will rule with stylish ironmongery.

Muted Moodiness

Blues and greens have been staple colours for kitchen cabinetry over the past few years. Blue offers a sense of trust and solidity and green is the colour of the environment. But 2020 will bring darker and earthier tones, more grounded in nature. Rempp, German kitchen manufacturers, offer a delightful navy door which can be contrasted and coordinated with neutral shades.

Subtle Serenity

Griege is a colour of continuing trend. This creamy mushroom shade is both safe and warm and provides an ideal palette to add a pop of colour. Try Rempp’s Una Congo for a pared-back look as part of the scheme.
Warm ivory will be another colour to favour and soft greys or charcoal like Rempp’s Oxy-Grey door.


The general aesthetic of kitchens will be cosy and comfortable without the need for much embellishment. However, no kitchen would be complete without a few special features. Metals in brass, copper and even gold will play their part. They are ideal compliments to heart-warming colours. Metals will be used in the form of chic ironmongery such as statement taps or accents of metal shelving.

Wood Grains

To extend the sense of nature, wood grains will often be selected by the discerning designer. Mixed wood tones such as Rempp’s Lund or Bremen Oak Look, will inject interest, depth and interest to the kitchen design.

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Finding the right hue depends on a number of factors – natural light being one.  There is also an abundance of shades within the same colour.  If you feel overwhelmed or want inspiration on colour trends 2020′ or any other design aspect for your new kitchen, look no further. Kitchenality offer a free kitchen design consultation in the showroom within Arighi Bianchi furniture store. Use the contact form here, telephone for an appointment or call in. We would love to turn your kitchen dreams into reality.