Kitchen Colour Trends 2021

Kitchen colour trends 2021 continue last year’s course, but with a twist.  Blues and greens have made a comeback due to their popularity in 2020. Perhaps this is no surprise because after a year of darkness and captivity people are ready for a shot of colour especially when those hues are prevalent in nature.

Blue is the colour of the sky and ocean. From pale sapphire to deep azure this colour connects us to the wider world.  That connection is something most of us have lost and yearned for so putting it into our homes is a natural gravitation.  Green is also on trend. Fresh leaf colours or deep emeralds can bring a vitality and inspiration. Again, this is vital after so many have felt stagnant and stifled.

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a sunny yellow) are Pantone’s colours of the year. Grey continues to be a staple for its’ solidity and neutrality. Illuminating brings rays of lemony sunlight, hope and warmth.

Contrasts and Coordination of Colours

Contrasts in kitchen colour schemes dominate.  Kitchenality showcase displays with this effect and we welcome customers to browse and explore our ranges.

Our Lifestyle display is a pairing of navy and cashmere. The navy base furniture creates a solid and appealing anchor and the cashmere wall units provide a lighter touch. This paler mushroom tone draws the eye upward to give a sense of height.  It is topped with a quartz surface of Diore Arezzo for a modern and practical finish. The subtle marbling with a grain of gold thread adds a touch of elegant luxury.

Our central Rempp display is a mix of lami compact stone slate and sparkling white corian.  The faux slate doors resemble a fine-grained rock and give the effect of sedimentary layering. The work surface is smooth and white and the overall effect of contrasts has great dramatic effect.

Both displays are fine examples of how contrasts of colour and texture can create a well-balanced kitchen. However, it takes skill and practice to combine the right degree of mixed material to achieve the perfect aesthetic.  For instance, if you love Illuminating and dream of a daffodil tinged kitchen, it is essential to blend the colours wisely.  Too much yellow or the wrong shade could be overwhelming.

Professional Advice

To avoid the many pitfalls of kitchen design our professional team offer a free consultation within the Kitchenality showroom, Arighi Bianchi Macclesfield. We hope to help you create that dream kitchen, whatever your colour preferences.