Kitchen Lighting Trends 2020

Kitchen lighting trends 2020 have evolved to support the modern multi-functional kitchen. The overall trend is to make kitchens feel more like living rooms. Light has a key role to play in this. Statement pendants or coloured accent lighting can help to create the right feel.


The style and décor of your home will dictate your lighting choice. If your home is luxurious you may opt for a dash of decadence with a dramatic pendant in a gold or brass fitting. These warmer metals are replacing the steely chrome and stainless steel of the past decade. Matte black is very on trend and a matte black pendant with copper interior over the breakfast bar or dining table will make an understated yet stylish fitting. These metals can be coordinated with copper or brass taps to continue the warmth in the design.

Simultaneously, there is a continuing shift towards more sustainable ways to live. Eco-friendly products are highly popular. Smart lighting that reduces energy consumption is approved of. Also, pared back, nature themes are much in demand, such as lights with wooden bases.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting gives focus. It can be both functional and decorative. To achieve this and stay on trend use colourful lamps that coordinate with the overall colour scheme.

Natural Light

Whenever considering a lighting scheme always look at the natural light in a room. Observe where it floods in and how it reflects. Utilise it as much as possible. If there are dark corners think how to create a way to light it up. Use a discreet pin light or glowing wall sconce.

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