Kitchen Trends 2020 – Design and Materials

Kitchen trends 2020 are an exciting advance on last year’s styles. The development of the kitchen as the heart of the home continues with ever more importance.

Kitchen Design

The 2020 home stems from the kitchen. It is a multi-functional place which needs to be both practical and stylish. The floorplan calls for openness so that other areas can emanate from it. An inviting dining area for both casual and more formal meals is fast becoming the norm. In addition, a comfortable, stylish seating area for conversation and relaxation is required by the modern family. These zones need to flow seamlessly from the kitchen work area to form one large living space. At the same time the sectors need to be clearly identifiable with their own characteristics.

There is a movement away from the classic arrangement of upper and lower cabinetry. Full length furniture is replacing it where space allows. The addition of internal lighting within these units is both practical and stylish.
Another elegant feature is the low-level shelf, often back-lit. This adds a new dimension of interest and a contemporary feel.


Contrasting surfaces in cabinetry are a continuing trend. A mix of colours, smoky greys to creamy whites will be popular. Also, a play on rough and smooth textures will be combined into design schemes. Rempp’s Lami Compact which is a textured effect against the Perth Gloss range are perfect examples.

Luxurious marbles with a fine grain and often a touch of metallic, such as gold, are making a comeback this year. At Kitchenality we offer a good range of well-priced marble worksurfaces.

A mix of precious metals in accessories, are also on trend. Quooker boiling taps, for instance are often part of the scheme at Kitchenality. They come in a range of contemporary finishes – brass, copper, chrome, bronze and black. Accessories can be chosen to coordinate and complete the designer look.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

It is wise to seek professional advice on how to utilise kitchen trends 2020. Kitchenality designers are well practiced and able to inject some design magic to create the perfect balance of colour and texture. The result will be an ideal kitchen for your needs. We have designed many Macclesfield kitchens but work within the whole of the North West.

Call into our showroom within Arighi Bianchi, Macclesfield for inspiration or to book a free kitchen design consultation.