Good kitchen design is important.  Kitchenality, top kitchen designers in Cheshire, discuss why. Read on for tips of the trade.

Kitchen Specialists

Get advice from professionals.
At Kitchenality we specialise in kitchens. We haven’t diversified into bedrooms or bathrooms and because of that we have expertise in everything about kitchens. This gives our clients, in Macclesfield and Cheshire huge confidence. In addition, we can find solutions to those little challenges that designs inevitably encounter.

Hub of the Home

Make your kitchen a heart-warming place.
The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. It’s a place of nurturing, not only for the body in terms of delicious food, but also of the mind. It’s so often the place where family and friends meet to chat over a problem, share ideas or gossip. Socialisation and company are crucial to our well-being.


Create harmony in your kitchen.
When your home and particularly your kitchen, is in harmony with your lifestyle, your sense of well-being will increase. At Kitchenality we pay attention to finding out how you live your lives and create designs to complement that.


Pay attention to the ergonomics!
Work space flow within a kitchen is key to its’ effectiveness. A kitchen will be inefficient if the space in-between essential appliances is too far apart as this will involve too much stretching and walking. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the placement of the hob, sink and fridge, known as the kitchen triangle. Alternatively, if the kitchen is cramped and there is too much equipment the space will feel oppressive. Because of this it will be difficult to work in, especially if there are two people.


Aesthetics and Function

Balance aesthetics and function.
It’s important to find a style of kitchen that co-ordinates with the rest of your home – modern or traditional. At Kitchenality we offer German Rempp kitchens which have a wide selection of styles.
Functionality is also essential. There is no point having a beautiful kitchen that doesn’t work well. We pay great attention to ensuring that appliances meet your every need.

Free Design Consultation

If good kitchen design is important to you get in touch with Kitchenality.  Let us help you to create your dream kitchen.

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