Lighting for Kitchens 2021

Lighting for kitchens 2021 has a new emphasis.  In design, there is a general trend towards health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.  Light is a vital component of that along with other factors such as nourishment, air, comfort, mind, water and fitness.  All elements are of equal importance but this article is concerned only with light. Therefore, we ask how to manipulate light in our kitchens to give maximum health benefits.

Natural Day Light

Natural day light is a central component of our Circadian rhythm – the body’s 24 hour cycle. It regulates sleep patterns, appetite and many other processes. This master clock takes clues from the environment and sends signals to the body to prepare for certain activities.  For instance, when the eyes detect darkness, the production of melatonin, the hormone that causes sleepiness, is stimulated. Therefore, we should utilise natural day light to be in sync with our Circadian rhythm as much as possible.  The most obvious way to do this is through appropriate window treatments.

A kitchen plan will take natural day light into account and not only maximise it to bring in energising sunshine but ensure that it can be controlled to block blinding light or create darkness when needed.


Contrast and Ratio of Light

The contrast and ratio of light are important considerations.  If, for example, a kitchen is in a dark basement with shadowy corners but leads to a bright garden there will be a vast contrast of light.  The lighting design will need to find solutions to soften that contrast and make the connection more gradual.  Successful spaces connect the inside to the out and look, not only at interiors, but at the viewpoint beyond.

An important question to ask is – where and at what time of day do I require light in the house? In answering that question, think of vertical surfaces as they are good for reflection.

Kitchen Design Consultation

Clever lighting is much more that the visual impact. It has a crucial impact on our health and wellbeing. For a free kitchen design consultation to discuss lighting for kitchens 2021 and so much more, please book here or call into our showroom in Arighi Bianchi Macclesfield for a friendly chat with our design team.  We would love to help you!