Lighting in the Kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen is a key element in the design. More than any other concept, light can make or break a room. Read on for tips from Kitchenality.


It is crucial, therefore, to consider lighting at the planning stage of the kitchen to ensure that it functions well. Give careful thought to the activities within the kitchen such as cooking, dining, homework and socialising and find suitable lighting to meet those needs. It is wise to plan this with a professional. At Kitchenality we spend time discussing your lifestyle and draw up electrical plans at the earliest stage.

Layering of Light

Layering the light from different sources gives atmosphere to the kitchen and enables the lighting to be multi-functional.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used for work zones such as worktops, and above the sink and hob. Bright but shadow-free is the objective. Aim to see the light not the fitting. Options of suitable fittings for under wall units are slimline LED strips, under-cupboard down-lights or compact fluorescents. Each of these are fit for purpose but LEDs are smaller and more cost effective.

Mood Lighting

For the dining area an over-head pendant on a dimmable control is perfect for creating the right atmosphere for relaxed dining.

Wall wash light fittings are another option to create mood. They inject a wash of background luminescence for softer light.m

Feature Lighting

Feature lighting adds interest and depth to a lighting scheme. It can be a single statement piece such as a pendant light with wow factor. Or a colour-change, back-lit wall to cast a glow. Pendant lights over an island unit can be both task and feature lighting and have the added benefit of providing a visible divide between working and dining area.

Accent Lighting

Discrete LED strips to light a niche or shelf creates a point of interest often perceived sub-consciously. Lights within the plinth give a subtle wash of floor light and give the appearance of the units floating. Internal lights within a glass display cabinet can be very attractive.

Ambient Lighting

Indirect light within the room can be functional and or decorative. A Good way to add ambience, if the ceilings are height, is to fit up-lights to the top of cabinets. This gives good background light. Alternatively, fit recessed spots into the ceiling.

Design Advice

Although there are many ways to layer kitchen lighting it is important to know when to stop.  Too much will overcrowd and spoil the effect.

Kitchenality are specialists in lighting and all aspects of kitchen design.  Call into the showroom to discuss your kitchen needs.  The showroom is situated on the first floor of Arighi Bianchi furniture store in Macclesfield. Call on 01625 662772 to book a free consultation