Luxury Kitchens in the 2020s

Luxury kitchens in the 2020s are a continuing trend from the last decade. In times of political unrest, concerns about climate change and economic uncertainty we need a place of refuge and comfort. A little luxury can help to soothe the troubles of the day.

Adding luxury into your kitchen will always be a good investment. You will enjoy the benefits whilst you live there. In addition, it will increase the value of your home. When selling a house, estates agents say that it is often the kitchen that sells a house.

A kitchen is a lifestyle statement. It is the anchor of the home, the linchpin that links the other rooms. Therefore, how a kitchen is designed will often dictate the style of the rest of the home. Add a little luxury into your kitchen and your home.

Luxury Kitchens at Kitchenality

Rempp, who produce our German kitchens, provide great quality and value for money. They are a third-generation family run business.  They execute great reliability at every level from order to manufacture and delivery. Quality control is paramount. As a result, products are of the highest level.


At Kitchenality the designers give careful creative thought to the details. There is a wide choice of interior storage units and beautifully crafted accessories. These are made to fit seamlessly into the cabinets to make working in the kitchen simple and safe. As a result, it is a joy to work and live in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is the most coveted furniture piece within a modern design. Often it is the statement piece with distinctive quartz or corian work surface. A sense of luxurious textures and clever lighting will ensure it is the place family and guests want to gather. Additionally, it can be used to display a treasured item. A niche in a contrasting finish will provide an interesting shelf, especially if lit with a soft LED.

Kitchen Showroom Cheshire

Visit Kitchenality within Arighi Bianchi, Macclesfield for a FREE kitchen design consultation.  We would love to help to create a little luxury into your kitchen. Book an appointment and get a quote for a high quality Rempp kitchen.