Minimalism and Window Dressing

The big kitchen trend of 2021 is minimalism.  Build in all large appliances behind matching door furniture to create this style. Smaller items such as toasters, coffee machines and even kettles can be housed in suitably designed cupboards. Alternatively, and if space allows, create designated task areas for making drinks or baking – if that is your specialty.

The trend to keep kitchens simple and spacious is on-going.  There is an emphasis on hygiene and sleekness. Our professional kitchen designers will give great advice about how to create this look.

Window Dressing

Clients often ask how they can best dress their kitchen window. The main consideration is practicality. However, more often these days, people want to source environmentally friendly fabrics, of which there is an ever increasing supply.

From a practical point of view, blinds are better than curtains.  Curtains take up more space, will often get in the way and can collect dirt and grease spots from everyday kitchen life. Blinds, whether roman, roller or venetian offer a more functional solution. They can block out light or glaring sun when necessary and maintain privacy and be kept out of the way of kitchen spills. A fabric blind can provide some softness, pattern and texture to an otherwise plain kitchen.  It can make the kitchen feel more cosy, and give an extra layer of interest. At the same time blinds are in line with a minimalist theme.

The overriding trend in fabric choice this year is to ensure that the fabric is from a sustainable source. Cottons, bamboo and linens are a natural choice from companies such as Premier Digital Textiles.  Recycled fabrics are produced using less water and pesticides than traditional methods.  Several organic fabrics are also on offer to help reduce pollution of the environment and keep the environmentally conscious happy.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

Kitchenality would be delighted to discuss your kitchen project.  Whether you want a minimalism and window dressing in your kitchen or have more traditional tastes, we have an abundance of experience and guarantee to find a style that suits your needs.  Book here or call into our showroom for an informal chat with a member of the team.