Project Description

Any white contempory kitchen will always stand the test of time, simply because the colour white is clean and fresh. Rolling back a few decades to when kitchens were first manufactured in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, white was the only colour offered by kitchen manufactures including Rempp.

Both popular as a traditional or as a white contempory kitchen, white is the default colour for any manufacturer. This means you can easily mix and match white cabinets, tiles, sinks and appliances to fit any kitchen layout and budget. If you also believe colour physiology, the colour white delivers positive vibes and represents happiness and purity. As the brightest colour, any white contempory kitchen reflects light and makes the smallest of kitchens feel more spacious.

Take a look at some recent white contempory kitchen projects we have recently worked on. All completed as a kitchen fit-out, with some including additional kitchen appliances. Ready to start your kitchen journey? Simply contact Kitchenality to discuss your ideas from concept to creation.