Elevating Home Living: A Revitalization Endeavor with Kitchenality

For 37 years, the residents of this cherished home have experienced the ebb and flow of life within their space. However, as time progressed, the desire for a complete transformation became apparent. Seeking to renew their kitchen space and establish a more seamless connection to their garden, they embarked on a journey to revitalize their home with Kitchenality, driven by their trust in Tracy’s expertise and the impressive showroom offerings.

Project Overview

The homeowners, having Tracy design their kitchen 21 years ago, recognized the need for a significant change and desired a connection between their kitchen and the beautiful garden. Their decision to revisit Kitchenality stemmed from their confidence in Tracy’s capabilities. A visit to the Macclesfield showroom sparked excitement, affirming their decision to entrust Tracy and her team with this pivotal project.

We asked our client…

How long have you been living in your house?

We have lived here for 37 years.

When did you feel it needed work doing / when did you actually decide to get started?

Tracy had designed a kitchen for us 21 years ago, which, by the way, still looked good, but we felt we wanted a complete change and also we wanted to open up access from our kitchen into our lovely garden. We weren’t sure if it would work in the space we had in our kitchen for such a big change.

What made you approach Kitchenality?

We decided to go ahead in January this year. We approached Tracy once again because we had complete confidence in her to undertake for us such an important job. We visited her show room in Macclesfield and we were blown away by the quality and variety of the kitchen styles on display. Tracy and her staff were so welcoming and we came away really excited about the project. A kitchen is such a big task to undertake, quite scary in fact and it was important to us to have someone we trusted to pull it off. Tracy was that person. She came over to our home to reacquaint herself with the kitchen and discussed options with us. She was truly invested in our project and making sure we achieved exactly what we envisaged.

Our kitchen is not a big space and we were not sure if we could achieve what we wanted in the space we had. Tracy is always so positive. She measured the space and immediately had ideas of how it could work. We were amazed when we returned to the showroom to view our plan on screen. So much so that when I turned round and a design on screen, I asked whose kitchen it was! Tracy replied, “It’s yours!” We couldn’t believe how different it looked and how much she had made of the space.

Were there occasions during the design process that you were challenged or pleasantly surprised?

Having such a major refurbishment can often be stressful, but from start to finish, Tracy and her team held our hand through the whole project, always there to answer questions and to give advice. Nothing was ever too much trouble and we can’t tell you how important that was.

What design decisions do you feel were particularly successful?

From the outset, we knew we wanted a clean, fresh, Scandi look to our kitchen. We wanted white units, which can sometimes look clinical, but Tracy’s plan to team them with the grey/beige worktops and the smoked grey splash back, absolutely hit the spot. Perfect! Also, we had always wanted an island to sit at to eat at or work at, with direct views of the garden. We didn’t think this was achievable in the space we had. Tracy pulled it off. Not only do we have an island, but we have an island with beautiful large drawers which give us so much more storage than we ever had before. In fact, we now have so much storage space we are still to fill all of it! I come down in the morning now and just stand in the doorway and take it all in!

Once the time came, how did you find the installation process?

Installation began in July. Windows came out, doors blocked up, ceiling down and we were off. Our fitter, Ian, was just fantastic! Such a craftsman and his workmanship was superb – as a control freak myself that was so important. When you are spending money on a big project, you want to know it’s fitted perfectly and we had complete confidence in Ian. He did a wonderful job.

Now that the kitchen and the refurbishment is completed, do you feel differently about the space, do you feel differently about your home?

What can I say about our new kitchen! It’s just superb. We couldn’t believe it was ours at first. We had a vision of what we wanted, not thinking it was achievable. It has completely changed the feel of the space and without doubt, one of the best things we have ever done with our home and we look forward to enjoying it in the years to come.

Thank you Tracy and The Team


In retrospect, the collaboration with Kitchenality proved transformative. Tracy’s unwavering positivity, innovative approach, and adeptness in maximising space left an indelible mark on the homeowners’ lives. The seamless installation process orchestrated by Ian, the meticulous craftsman, ensured a flawless execution of the envisioned design.

The Scandi-inspired kitchen with its white units, complemented by grey/beige worktops and a smoked grey splashback, embodies the homeowners’ dream. Tracy’s knack for seamlessly integrating an island into a limited space not only provided an aesthetic enhancement but also substantially increased storage, exceeding their expectations.

The homeowners’ sentiments encapsulate the profound impact the renovation had on their lives. The newly transformed kitchen stands as a testament to Tracy’s dedication and Kitchenality’s commitment to fulfilling their clients’ aspirations. It’s not merely a renovation; it’s a manifestation of dreams realised within the comforting walls of their cherished home.