In the words of the renowned fashion designer, Ralph Lauren:

‘I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style – not fashion.’

Yet the intriguing notion of timelessness continues to be challenged by new ideas and technical developments. Therein lies the paradox – how can a timeless style exist within fashion when fashion is in the realm of constant transition?

At Kitchenality, your kitchen showroom in Macclesfield, the design team headed by Tracy Mackey uses her 35 years of kitchen design experience to help her clients create just the right balance of classic style with a hint of modernity.  Here are a few secrets.

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Kitchen Personality

When choosing a kitchen, choose what you love instinctively, go with your heart, your gut and what makes you feel comfortable, not merely what’s fashionable. Trends come and go – this year’s pink marble could become an expensive mistake. However, don’t be afraid to inject a distinctive element that represents your personality, as this will connect the space to you and inject character.  It requires skill to balance what’s on trend with your own taste. With Kitchenality, you can attend your free consultation in our kitchen showroom in Macclesfield where your designer will collaborate with you to add special touches and create a tailored design to meet your practical needs and lifestyle.

Statement Piece

Whether it’s a funky larder unit like Rempp’s Armoire with a vast choice of carousel and internal drawer choices; an eye-catching light over the dining table; or a featured tiled wall of glittery stone, make it your own.  When there is an injection of emotion into the creation of your kitchen it will imbue an essence of care, and appeal to anyone who has the good fortune to be in it – especially you.  This will help turn your house into a home.

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In today’s modern, throw-away society, manufacturers often build low quality products as repurchasing results in higher profit and is thought of as a viable business strategy.  Kitchenality have an opposing viewpoint and believe in the power of workmanship.  Rempp kitchens manufactured by the German family run company are renowned for exquisite quality and reliability. Employees are master craftsmen proud of their trades and encouraged to be precise and creative. Furniture has solid carcasses and are sturdy to stand the test of time.


Simplicity is key element of timelessness.  Keep the furniture neutral and classic and use accessories to keep the space up to date.  These are effective and easy to change later, for instance, a printed wallpaper, a bold painted wall or a piece of artwork. Lighting and tiles can also change the overall look without affecting the main kitchen units.

A neutral colour palette will also help to retain simplicity but if you want to add some richness with an element of woody warmth, use one of the many wood laminate finishes in the Rempp range. They can be contrasted and coordinated to suit your style and integrate within your home to instill harmony.


Harmony in a space will transcend fashion. To assure this at Kitchenality, great effort is made to consider the palette of materials and finishes.  A desirable scheme will coordinate all elements of the kitchen – door fronts, worktops, tiles, flooring.  Colour, textures and style will be at the forefront of the kitchen plan and thought given to the overall vibe of the house to ensure that there is an effortless flow.  This will support a timeless design outliving passing trends and phases.

Your Kitchen Showroom in Macclesfield

With the help of Kitchenality in Macclesfield, your experienced kitchen designer will integrate these secrets and make it easy for your kitchen to stand the test of time. You will feel ideal in the space with the right balance of classic that’s also on trend. When there’s an injection of design magic and products are made with integrity, for longevity the value goes far beyond the retail price.

For further information or to arrange your free kitchen design consultation, simply fill in the contact form and pop down to our kitchen showroom in Macclesfield, based in Arighi Bianchi. You can also give us a call on 01625 662772