Small kitchen design tips will help you to make the best use of your space without compromising on style!

Whether you live in a small home because you have downsized or in a city apartment, townhouse or loft-space, there are both benefits and challenges to small home living.  One benefit is that fewer furnishings means less cost and less maintenance. It also means that you can spend more on higher end products and finishes – an amazing light fitting for instance or cutting edge worktop. The down side is that less space makes storage a challenge.

Smart Planning

At Kitchenality we pride ourselves on creating kitchen designs that are both functional and aesthetic.  Our kitchens are suitable not only for the space but for the people who inhabit them. When designing for small kitchens we keep in mind the maxim ‘cosy not cramped’ and it has served us well.

To design any kitchen but particularly a small kitchen a lot of forethought is required. It needs to be well organised, functional and stylish.

Focal Point

It is a good idea to create a focal point in a small kitchen.  For example, a stylish tiled back-splash in an appropriate pattern and colour. It is easy to organise around a focal point and additionally, it will act as a distraction from the small space.

Think Vertically

Think vertically about the design.   Build tall shelves or hang plants from the ceiling or high up. By drawing the eye upwards it will give a greater sense of space.

Minimise Clutter

It is important not to overcrowd surfaces.  Ensure that there is unused space both on the worktop and the shelving. This allows items to breathe and it unconsciously emphasises how much space there is.


Illuminate all areas of the room with multiple light sources.  This not only keeps the eye moving around the space, it also creates visual interest at different levels.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

If you would like a free kitchen design consultation for a small kitchen or any size kitchen we would love to assist.  Call into the showroom in Arighi Bianchi or book online using the Contact Form.