Small Kitchen Ideas to Make Your Manchester Home Stand Out

Not everyone has the luxury of a large kitchen. For small kitchen ideas to make your home stand out, read on.

Space Saving

When space is a premium, clever storage ideas are key because every centimeter is vital. Kitchenality recommend Rempp’s solutions: Le Mans pull-out base unit with shelves or the Carousel Cabinet for awkward corners.
A side wall chopping board can make use of a few centimeters spare in a run of units.  It slides discretely into place and edging can be made to match the kitchen trims to ensure the kitchen has a seamless finish. This eliminates the need for unsightly chopping boards littering the work-surface.
See our work for more space-saving ideas.


Don’t overcrowd the walls with units as this will close in the space. Use some open shelving for an airy feel. If your furniture is pale and glossy like Rempp’s Alpin or Seattle collections, mix this with a contrast finish such as Rempp’s  Alta vintage oak wood effect.  Keep shelves uncluttered and tidy to avoid a disorderly look.

Handle-less Furniture

Handle-less furniture is recommended because it will keep the space streamlined and sleek. Kitchenality offer a wide range of options. Feel free to call into the Macclesfield showroom to chat with the design team and view styles. Fill in the contact form to book a free design consultation.


Mirrored splashbacks are a 2019 trend and work particularly well for small kitchens. They reflect the natural light, bounce it around the room, and this increases a sense of openness. Mirrored splashbacks come in a range of colours from smoked grey to bronze and can be matched to RAL colours. See them on display in our showroom.

Modern and Minimal

The German made Rempp kitchens are modern and minimal. They are an excellent choice for styling a small kitchen because the smooth, bright finishes give a feeling of expansiveness.

Advice and Consultation

Located within home furnishing store Arighi Bianchi , Macclesfield, contact Kitchenality for your free kitchen design consultation today! The team will happily advise on design for a small kitchen, for larger space, or any other kitchen dreams.

Call into the showroom or telephone for an appointment on 01652 662772 with the friendly design team.