Everybody loves a large kitchen but the reality is, you may need to be efficient with space. Space-saving ideas from Rempp can give you a dream kitchen and still enable you to be a master chef.

If you are looking for space-saving ideas, this article by Macclesfield kitchen company Kitchenality have got you covered. See five space-saving ideas to store all-important practical items. This will keep your kitchen clutter-free,  favourable for cooking and socialising.

Recycling has become ingrained into our language and behaviour. We are all aware of the necessity to take responsibility for our waste in order to conserve the world’s resources. If you visit our Macclesfield kitchen showroom for your free design consultation, your Rempp kitchen designer at Kitchenality will help you to choose the best system to manage your waste. Rempp’s base units house a variety of recycling bins, look at the Multisystem Bio for inspiration. Individual bins for waste separation are hygienic and make it easy to dispose of plastics, paper or food waste in an orderly fashion.

To accommodate standard size units and uncompromising spaces, even the best designed kitchens often have a gap of a few centimetres in a run of units. Maximise this space with a side wall chopping board. It slides discretely into place and edging can be made to match the kitchen trims to ensure the kitchen has a seamless finish. This eliminates the need for unsightly chopping boards littering the worksurface.

Bottles of sticky cordials or oily oils can be unsightly and if you like clean surfaces Rempp produce an ideal soft-close, pull-out unit to hide away bottles. Bottle storage units can be made to fit an unaccommodating corner or angled into a space. Metal racks help to keep the bottles neat, tidy and in place and removable mats ensure that it’s easy to clean.

The corner carousel with non-slip lining is another space saving device. The sturdy shelving can carry substantial weight for pots and pans and provides easy access to awkward corners. The carousel can be made to fit base and tall units to meet requirements.

Drawer units can be designed to maximise the space available. There’s a variety of choice of internal drawers from shallow pull-outs to deep drawers. When attending your free design consultation at our Macclesfield kitchen showroom, your CAD design will sitdown with you to provide a 3D design of how your drawer units can be designed and fitted to meet your individual needs.

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Tracy Mackey, Kitchenality’s designer will listen to your needs and help to find the best storage solutions for your kitchen by optimising your space with some of the clever ideas above.
A well organised kitchen makes for a happy cook and a more pleasant space in which you can more enjoy time with the family or entertaining.

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