Spring kitchen trends 2021 give new energy and life to kitchen design. Our ever evolving lifestyles require even more from the not-so-humble kitchen.  There has never been a time when kitchens are more used, from meal  preparation to living space and of course home-office. Read on to discover three Spring kitchen trends to keep you up to date and offer solutions to that ever increasing demand on the multifunctional use of your kitchen.

Concealed Appliances

Concealed appliances and hidden storage are a key design trend to keep your kitchen sleek and smooth. A streamlined kitchen exudes calmness and after the turbulence of the past year, a calm atmosphere at home is essential.  But the functionality of a kitchen is always paramount. Planning and layout have equal importance and a professional designer will be certain to do this.

At the same time there are numerous gadgets and ingenious kitchen implements to indulge the most tech savvy. Our suggestion is to buy them but keep them hidden by using discreet storage ideas. This ensures that the gadgets don’t take over and the style of the kitchen isn’t compromised.

Simple cabinetry, for example, is an excellent way to hide a fridge or dishwasher. There is also a growing desire for hidden stations for a particular function. Keep your smart kettle and newest toaster concealed in a dedicated space to create a separate breakfast area.  By minimising items on show the worktop is kept clutter-free and the result is a more tranquil space.

Brassy and Bold

Warm tones of rose gold and copper in hardware choices continues this year. However, there is also a move towards bolder and brighter brass. Brass is considered a traditional choice of ironmongery but companies are incorporating it into their latest designs of taps, handles, knobs and hinges. As a result there is a clever mix of new meets old and this means that the contemporary aesthetic isn’t undermined. The finishing touches can make the world of difference in an overall design.  Brass can elevate a kitchen to give it a polished and elegant feel. So if you are feeling bold, don’t be afraid to be brassy.

Dining Islands

The kitchen island with integrated breakfast bar has become almost essential in kitchen planning.  However, the dining island looks to become even more popular.

The dining island is an extension of the kitchen island.  It is something of a hybrid between a dining table and the casual breakfast bar and is usually made from a contrasting material.  This not only enhances the visual interest of the kitchen but offers a space for more comfortable dining. Often, it is more affordable than a stand alone dining table and a space saving device.  For these reasons and more it fits well into modern day lifestyle.

Next Steps

For further information on Spring kitchen trends or to book a complimentary design consultation please contact the Kitchenality team.  We are located on the first floor of Arighi Bianchi and would be delighted to chat to you about your kitchen design.