The Importance of Texture in Your Kitchen

Texture is an important, but often overlooked, element in the design of your kitchen. There are two types of texture: visual which appeals to your visual sense and tactile which appeals to your sense of touch.

Textures can make a room feel lighter, cooler and more modern. Conversely, they can add weight and make a room feel heavier and more traditional.

One of the skills of good design is to determine the objective of the room and introduce appropriate layering of textures to meet those intentions.

At Kitchenality the design team are highly experienced in all design aspects and incorporate texture into kitchen planning to give visual impact and make the room feel welcoming.

Cool Texture for Contemporary Design

If a client wants a cool contemporary kitchen Rempp’s Perth range in a neutral colour like Kashmir would be ideal. Perth is reflective and will bounce light around the room. Because of this the room will feel lighter and cooler.
Cool and shiny has great appeal. But it is important to balance this with other textures otherwise the overall effect will be one dimensional and flat. A rough textured tile, for instance, will add weight to the room and look effective on a feature wall. In addition, by adding bar stools in a wipe-able, faux velvet or leather, the space will benefit from a touch of softness. The stools will be tactile and if upholstered in a splash of coloured fabric, would add vibrancy.

The Arighi Bianchi furniture store offer a range of bar stools. Kitchens and furniture can be purchased under one roof making your shopping more convenient.

Warm Texture for Traditional Design

To achieve a more traditional look with a modern twist Rempp’s Breman range would be ideal. Breman is a laminate but has the textural appearance of wood and therefore its’ natural grain exudes warmth. This could be paired with a mirrored splash-back for a touch of glamour and reflection to balance the light absorption from the wood. An island unit in a different finish such as the concrete effect of the Cliff range would add contrast and interest to the room.

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Balancing all elements of design is a skill that requires practice and knowledge. At Kitchenality we would be delighted to advise you on textures within your kitchen planning or any other design element. We specialise in complete new kitchens.

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