The kitchen bar is a perfect solution for small kitchens.  Not only does it provide extra work surface but it can provide a link between dining area and kitchen work area without needing the square meterage of a kitchen island. Read on for further enlightenment on the benefits.

Open-Plan Kitchen

Open plan kitchens are excellent for keeping family and friends in one room together. They create an area for easy conversation and sociability. Interaction with our guests is more important than ever, post the restrictions of lockdown, and nobody wants to be shut away in a kitchen when everyone else is chatting in the sitting room. However, not everyone has the luxury of enough space for an integrated kitchen, dining and living area, most typically with an island unit. An island unit takes up a lot of space.  Not only is there the island itself but the space required around it. For an island to function effectively, it is important that there is adequate room for the bar stools and freedom to move around the island without hindrance.

If space is at a premium, but you want a dining kitchen, a brilliant solution is the kitchen bar. This is an extension of a work surface rather than a separate unit and needs far less space, so it is ideal for small kitchens.

The prime considerations are space, location and functionality.  Here are a few ideas for kitchen bars.

Bar with Storage

A kitchen bar not only creates extra countertop, useful for food preparation and eating but can give much needed extra storage. Build slim shelves or cupboards beneath to allow for leg space and for hiding away a few essentials. This is highly practical.

Even if the bar can only house two barstools this will make a noticeable difference to the way your kitchen functions and will be well worth it.

The Floating Kitchen Bar

To create the illusion of space, one option is not to place furniture on the floor but to float the bar. For instance, the bar could extend from the wall to form a floating breakfast table. The lack of furniture beneath gives the room a feeling of space and fluidity and will prevent the room from feeling heavy.

Parallel to the Worktop

In a kitchen where the worktop turns into the center of the room there is an ideal opportunity to install a bar parallel to that countertop. It would be a simple addition, usually of a different material to add interest and at a slightly higher level for comfortable seating.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

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