The kitchen pantry is the most sought after kitchen accessory – read on to discover some of the main reasons why.

A Sense of Nostalgia

Many people will remember a grandparent or elderly relative with a cold storeroom for preserving anything from cold cuts of meat to dried pulses.  It was most likely at the back of the house, badly decorated and hidden from guests.  The modern pantry serves the same function but looks and feels entirely different.

Bespoke Design

At Kitchenality we offer pantries with sliding drawers, spice racks, wine racks and all manner of shelving.  Each pantry is designed for individual needs and there is unlimited potential.

Meals can be prepared more efficiently when food is stored in a well organised way.  In addition, a well-designed larder unit with pull-out storage  and easy-access shelves saves bending, twisting and stretching into difficult to reach places.  This preserves the knees and back as well as jams and jellies.

Alternative Uses for the Pantry

The most obvious reason to have a pantry is for food storage. However, there are alternative uses and our skilled designers can adapt units for individual needs.  For instance, they make ideal wine storage or housing for large bulky electrical appliances.  At Kitchenality, we have even made a pantry unit into a hidden home office. It was ideal for our clients because they had no other space for a desk. The doors easily closed when guests arrived. This not only maintained privacy but also shut away unsightly paperwork.

Wow Factor

The larder is an opportunity to add wow factor to the kitchen. In many ways it is similar to a dresser and bridges the gap between furniture and kitchen units. At Kitchenality a pantry can be made to fit with any of the kitchen styles such as the traditional Shaker.  Alternatively, it can be glossy and sleek.  Also larder units can be painted in a contrasting colour or made in a different texture. It is easy to make it into a showpiece attracting attention and admiration. For kitchen design inspiration and kitchen styles, please take a look at Our Work.

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Whatever your needs, Kitchenality would be delighted to offer you a free kitchen design consultation.  Pop in to discuss the kitchen pantry or our other kitchen products and design concepts.

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