Pop-Up Sockets

Fully retractable pop-up sockets are increasingly popular within kitchen planning.  They pop up only when needed. Otherwise they are neatly concealed within the work counter. Therefore, this makes them ideal for small electrical appliances and portable devices. Gone are the days where the only gadgets vying for electricity are toasters and kettles.  Now, for instance, phones, tablets, game consoles compete to be charged.  Moreover, it is more likely that a recipe will be followed online than from a cookery book. So this makes the pop-up a perfect solution. Island units are especially appropriate, where there is no option for a wall mounted socket.

S-Box Units

However, there are several brands on the market. So Kitchenality use their years of experience in the kitchen industry to give clients their best advice. They conclude that the S-Box is the best. Consequently, two options are on show of the S-Box in their kitchen showroom in Macclesfield. Kitchenality recommend S-Box for reliability, resilience and style.

S-Box have developed a smooth operating, sleek collection of units that pop up at the press of a finger. Visit the Macclesfield kitchen showroom for a demonstration of these clever pop-ups. The design team will be happy to advise on these or other kitchen matters.

S-Box units are constructed of solid steel and the black polyester coating has been splash and spill tested.  Most importantly, this means they are approved for counter-top use.

Surface or Recessed Pop-Up Sockets

Stylish solutions include the S-Box surface mount and the S-Box recessed mount.

Surface Mount products work with any worktop. So work with corian, quartz, granite or timber .  The product simply drops into a pre-cut hole in the same way that a hob or sink are fitted.  The collar can sit either on the work surface or in a shallow rebate to give a flush finish.  The standard top is steel, but this can be changed to an alternative material and therefore, match your chosen work surface.

Rebate Mount is the ultimate installation option. The S-Box is positioned 20mm below the counter surface on a rebate or shelf.  Consequently, this enables the unit to be disguised in its location.  The custom top is cut by the worktop supplier to fit neatly on top and make it almost invisible within the surface.  Most importantly, this makes the S-Box completely unique to you and is the designer solution for worktop power.

Pop In for Advice on Pop-Ups

In conclusion, contact Kitchenality for advice on the S-Box or any other aspect of your kitchen project.  Book a free, no obligation, kitchen consultation with Tracy Mackey either by filling in the contact form on the website or telephoning the kitchen showroom in Macclesfield.