The Shaker Kitchen – Popular As Ever

The Shaker kitchen has always been popular. There is a calm, positive feel about its’ solidity and quality. It creates a comfortable and homely atmosphere for a kitchen.

The principles of Shaker furniture are elegance, functionality and simplicity. One of the famous Shaker sayings encapsulates this idea:

‘Whatever is fashioned let it be plain and simple and for the good.’

Although some of the original Shaker principles have been lost with mass production, the functional and utilitarian designs remain.

Shaker Kitchens by Imperial

Kitchenality are proud to launch their new British made Shaker kitchen. It will soon be on display in the showroom.
Kitchenality and Imperial uphold the Shaker principles of quality and good craftsmanship. The Shaker kitchen is a prime example of this. Therefore, it remains a popular choice for Kitchenality’s clients.

Shaker kitchens are versatile. They can be adapted to modern or contemporary settings with a few simple tweaks to the design. Our designers at Kitchenality use their knowledge to create the right look for each individual client.

Shaker Kitchens with a Contemporary Twist

There are several ways to add a contemporary feel. Firstly, the choice of doors. Imperial offer two styles of doors. Lay-on doors have a more contemporary feel. Doors sit on the carcass rather than within the frame and are generally a less expensive option. In addition, the colour of the furniture is an important design consideration. Creams and soft greys give a sense of lightness and modernity. But the use of Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year – classic blue – will keep your kitchen right on trend. The choice of sleek, chrome handles will also add to the modern feel. Finally, a quartz or granite worktop will give the kitchen more of a cutting edge and both work well with the Shaker kitchen.

Traditional Style

To maintain a traditional style, use an in-frame door. These doors are often more bespoke, handmade and therefore, more costly. Originally, Shaker kitchens would be crafted from oak and timber to maintain simplicity and the natural look. Handles would be wooden or brass cup style and the worktop soapstone or wood.

A mix of styles can be incorporated, depending on how traditional or contemporary the kitchen is to be. A clever designer at Kitchenality will offer advice and guidance to ensure the result is perfect for your home.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

If you are interested in a Shaker kitchen or something more streamlined, we offer a free kitchen design consultation. Use the Contact Form to get in touch and book an appointment or call into the showroom within Arighi Bianchi, Macclesfield. We would be delighted to help design and fit your dream kitchen.