The White Kitchen Trend

The white kitchen continues to be an enduring trend. White is classic and lends itself to any style whether modern and minimal with glossy cabinets or in a traditional style such as a Shaker.

The Colour White

White contains a balance of all the colours of the spectrum. It comes in endless shades from chalk, paper, antique, to snow, pearl and milk. It is important to blend the right shade with other elements within the kitchen.

White signifies fairness, impartiality, purity, neutrality and peace. However, the wrong kind of white can be isolating, cold and create a feeling of detachment. Too much white can make a room feel sterile, pristine and clinical.

It is important therefore, to use the right kind of white in the right proportion to make the kitchen bright but welcoming. Avoid the pitfalls by using a professional kitchen designer. Kitchenality would be delighted to help you.


The addition of texture to a white kitchen adds warmth and interest. Worksurfaces in quartz add glamour and solidity. A wooden surface lends some softness to the overall atmosphere. Corian, perhaps with a little sparkle gives another smooth dimension.


Accessories can bring a white space to life and are easily changeable if required.
Cookery books with colourful spines add a welcoming vibe and create a more homely feel. Striking artwork will take a kitchen from a functional space to one that is enlivened and vibrant. Feature lights create a focal point and another layer of interest.

Free Consultation

It is not easy to get everything right by yourself. If you like the idea of a white kitchen which is uncluttered and functional yet warm and welcoming, book a free design consultation with Kitchenality. Obviously, we offer advice on any kitchen style and colour too. Call into the showroom or telephone on 01625 662772 for an appointment with the friendly design team