‘A place for everything, everything in its place.’

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote is a maxim for Kitchenality’s organisational products in their German made Rempp Kitchens. Read on for inspirational.

Drawer Inserts

Cutlery inserts are a necessity for any well-organised kitchen and Rempp offer a range to suit every need.

Robust plastic cutlery trays are excellent for sanitation and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Your Kitchenality designer will discuss with you the best option for your kitchen.
Classic wooden trays made from ash, add beauty and softness and a wooden knife block keeps sharp edges out of harms way and prevents damage or corrosion to often expensive blades.

Inserts for storage jars and supplies are available in both plastic and wooden options and can be simple dividers or cute wooden boxes.

Wooden peg inserts on an ash board can keep your crockery from sliding and chipping to maintain your valuable plates and bowls. They are designed specifically to compliment the soft close drawers.

German Kitchen Storage Ideas Drawer Inserts

Wall Units

Lift up wall units give any traditional German Kitchens a contemporary edge. They give better access to contents than side opening doors and come with a cushioned flap fitting. Rempp also offer a pull-down system for wall units called iMove – an innovative design to help reach those high spaces.

Wall units are 350mm deep offering larger storage than the standard depth of 280mm. Rempp manufacture taller cabinets and smaller plinths again to increase storage capacity.

Corner Base Units

The corner Le Mans cabinet is a popular choice for Kitchenality clients as it allows complete access to otherwise dead space in hard-to-reach corners. The shelves pull out to save awkward stretching and its non-slip surface make it perfect for storing a whole array of kitchen equipment. A German kitchen must have storage idea!

The Tall Cupboard

Rempp’s tall unit is versatile and functional. Whether you want a breakfast cupboard, gin cabinet or tall larder there is a choice of internal drawers either standard or special width and pull-outs from carousels to racks or the Lavido which is a complete pull-out shelf system. The tall cupboard can house all your individual storage needs.

German Kitchen Storage Tall Cupboard Ideas


Open shelves can add a lightness to a line of cabinetry. Use a rustic wood look, like Rempp’s vintage oak finish to break up a line of units. Your Kitchenality designer will help you to have some fun with displaying favourite décor pieces – serving ware or cookery books – with some chic choices of shelving such as the Regal Monkey or the open box Regalsystem.

Whatever your storage requirements a Rempp kitchen designed by Kitchenality will indeed find a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Rempp German Kitchen Storage Ideas

Do you have any top German kitchen storage ideas?

Whether you’ve got a big idea or need some inspiration, we would love to hear about any top storage tips you might have. Kitchenality specialise in the design, installation of quality, cutting-edge German Kitchens by Rempp so create the ultimate German Kitchen.

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