The U Shaped kitchen is potentially the most practical layout. Kitchenality, kitchen specialists of Macclesfield’ consider its’ design and offer guidance. For this or other kitchen design advice, book a free design consultation with Kitchenality designer, Tracy Mackey.

U Shaped Kitchen Design by Kitchenality


Plan your kitchen according to the shape and size of the room. First and foremost consider you and your family’s needs. Discuss this with an experienced design team as this will help you to prioritise your requirements.  As a result your kitchen will be well planned and meet your needs.

The U shaped or wraparound kitchen is a perfect solution for medium size rooms. Also it can be adapted if you have the luxury of more space.


This layout comprises three walls being lined with kitchen units. Alternatively, two walls with a peninsular can also make up the U shape. If the area is large enough, add a central island or dining table and chairs. If possible, ensure 1.2m of floor space around.

The classic work triangle can easily be planned into this layout. For instance, position the most essential appliance i.e. the hob, at the center of the U with the fridge and sink either side. If possible, allow plenty of work-surface in-between appliances. The appliances will then be accessible and easy to move around.

Corner Concerns

Access to corner units can be a concern so use clever units like Rempp’s Le Mans base unit to ensure shelves are reachable. Also the classic carousel cabinet guarantees that no space is wasted. In addition, incorporate tall units with tandem shelving into the layout.  As a result, the kitchen will have height and contrast. See Rempp’s Le Mans Boden and Tandem internal fittings. These smart storage solutions will not only hide away kitchen supplies but save your back from twisting and over-stretching.


Corian is an obvious choice for worktop.  This man-made acrylic composite can mould into shape so avoid awkward joins. Corian is available in different colours which makes it ideal to fit into the chosen colour scheme. Its’ flexibility means that it can sweep around the work-space seamlessly. The overall effect is solid, easy-flow simplicity.

Your Kitchen Showroom in Macclesfield

Kitchenality in Macclesfield, will help you create the perfect U Shaped kitchen design that’s both functional and seamless. See our recent projects. Advice is available for any other kitchen layout too.

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