Whalley Bridge Kitchen Project

A Whalley Bridge kitchen project has been completed during lockdown. Our clients are thrilled, not only because we were able to complete the work within the Government regulations but because the kitchen exceeds all expectations.

The Brief

The brief was to create a new kitchen in an extension to the house.  Contemporary but not cold or clinical were the keynotes.  In addition, it was important for the kitchen to feel spacious, light and airy but also warm and calm.


The Kitchenality design team met the brief by contrasting a grey textured stone effect door for the base and counter-top units, against smooth white doors for the tall units. This mix of rough and smooth is a popular design trick.  The raised texture of the grey units gives a sense of weight to the kitchen which helps to anchor it in the space.  Additionally, they absorb more light and this conveys a sense of warmth.  In contrast the smooth white tall units reflect light and modernity. This distinction is further enhanced by combining grainy tiles against the sleek tall housing.

White worktops add to the overall modern vibe and ensure that the kitchen surfaces are practical and easy to clean.


Lighting is an essential element in every design.  It can transform a room.  In this kitchen we opted for uplighting above the tall units to emit a soft, warm, golden glow.  This had the added benefit of drawing the eye upwards to create the illusion of height. Industrial style pendants were chosen to illuminate the island.  Their reflective copper interiors provide functional lighting but also warmth.


The colour palette is a take on the classic monochromatic. This is where only one colour is used but it is tinted with white and shaded with black. It is a timeless colour scheme that works well in this modern space.  Further interest comes from the addition of orange, copper tones in the lighting and barstools.  These warm hues are an excellent colour choice for any eating area as orange is the colour of physical comfort and can enhance appetite.  It creates a softer, inviting feel to the space.


The overall effect is a modern feel with warmth and comfort.  To achieve the right balance of texture, colour and proportion requires skill and experience. Our designers would be delighted to discuss your kitchen project and create a space just right for you.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

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