What We Want from Kitchens Post Lockdown

Kitchens during and post lockdown have taken on ever more significance.  Lockdown has given us time to consider what we want from our homes, and particularly our kitchens.

Surveys show that most people would like to improve their kitchen in several ways.

Extra Space

Most of us want a bigger kitchen to create more space for cooking and baking. Many people have learnt new skills such as baking soda bread and learning how to make sponge cakes rise to the perfect height and consistency.  We want to continue to practice and learn how to perfect these skills. In addition, families want space for the emergency home office or temporary classroom.

State of the Art

Many of us are now looking for a state of the art kitchen.  We want energy efficient appliances to minimise bills and help the environment.  There is an expectation for them to be Wi-Fi enabled and controlled from smart phones.  In addition, it is essential for latest appliances to be easy maintenance and fit around a modern lifestyle.


As the clouds lift and we emerge into what is commonly called ‘the new normal’ we are excited to make new plans.  These may be plans to travel, meet family and friends but also plans to improve our home life.  Many of us have realised what is truly important.  We want to change and adapt to that new way of being. If a new kitchen is on your agenda please feel free to contact Kitchenality.  Telephone for an appointment or use the Contact Form here.

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

The Kitchenality showroom is open and welcome to browsers.  Call in to view our elegant displays. A free kitchen design consultation is offered with one of our designers – Tracy Mackey or Ollie Pickard – for those interested. Find  us on the first floor of the distinguished furniture store Arighi Bianchi, Macclesfield.