German manufacturing is synonymous with reliability and functionality so what makes the Rempp kitchen, by Kitchenality, a cut above its competitors?

Rempp have their manufacturing headquarters in Stuttgart, the capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Wurttemberg state. Stuttgart is the manufacturing hub for the upper echelons of the manufacturing world such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and therefore a fitting place for Rempp with its dedication to elegant design. It borders the leafy woodland of the Black Forest and it is from there that the wood for kitchens is sourced, in line with sustainability law.

German Kitchen History

Rempp Factory Workers 1930'sUnlike the more well-known German kitchen brands Rempp is a family run business. Established in 1930 and now in its third generation, Matthias Rempp, following typical principles of a family run businesses, has a strong foundation of loyalty and dedication and this is keenly adhered to by his cousins and co-directors Christoph Deuble and Johannes Deuble. Long-term stability and trust are core values among the 101 experienced employees, some who have been with the company for 40 years – a true accolade of the company’s commitment to high ethical standards and responsible manufacturing methods at the highest level.

The size of the company means that Kitchenality have easy access to the decision makers. There is no necessity to go through committee stages or board meetings to know whether a specific creative ideal can be met. Instead, the head of manufacturing can make fast decisions and Rempp’s knowledge of production, manufacturing and delivery is second to none. This proximity to the customer speeds up the design process and ensures that clients have a more personal and professional experience, keeping them and the Kitchenality designers, engaged and inspired.

Diversity is encouraged at Kitchenality and this is easy to accomplish with a Rempp kitchen. Kitchens can be as individual as the people who work within them. Although many kitchens are made under general production lines, in keeping with standard sizes and design, there are endless possibilities for bespoke features and personally sized units. The Kitchenality designer will spend time listening to the client’s unique requirements and taste and create a kitchen accordingly. Limitations are bound only by the imagination and budget. Hand in hand with technically precise machines, individuality is possible because master craftsmen are employed to teach apprentices; hone and perfect the old skills of carpentry both to encourage creativity and endow a sense of achievement among the employees. The result – a distinctive living space for each client that meets the design potential that Kitchenality customers have come to expect.

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Rempp and Kitchenality German Kitchen Partnership

Rempp kitchens have several special features that enables Kitchenality to place absolute faith in their products:
Standard doors by other manufacturers are made to 16mm depth but Rempp produce a thicker and heavier door at 19mm deep to create a stronger door with a more solid appearance.

Backs of units are firm and sturdy unlike many cupboards on the market with a hardboard back. A solid back enhances its quality and makes it possible to fit electrical sockets. This gives overall stability to the cabinetry.

There is an option to choose the same material as the door fronts on the base of the wall units rather than a classic white. This attention to detail is unique to Rempp and gives the kitchen a seamless and more finished look.

Wooden laminated finishes also have an option to be book-matched within areas to create a high-end finish.
Plinth corners are mitred with a metal cleat and water-sealed to add to overall functionality and prevent water damage.
Your Kitchenality designer will advise which hinge is most applicable for the operation of individual units. For instance, it may be the Blum for a lift-up wall unit or the Swiss Italian Slice hinge for a side opening door. Rempp, with Kitchenality carefully consider the most fitting solution in each case.

A feature currently unique to Rempp is the complete block look from door to floor where handles are made in the same material as the door fronts. The handle becomes a cohesive part of the carcass creating a deluxe kitchen, contemporary and deluxe. Again, your specialist Kitchenality designer will be pleased to advise on how to achieve this style.

The ethos of the company, its’ attention to detail and dedication to creative design of the highest standards make Rempp stand out from the crowd. Kitchenality can design and supply with complete confidence and offer excellent customer service. Contact Kitchenality today and allow us to turn your dream German Kitchen concept into reality